Custom designs our specialty
Creative combination of materials

Welcome to Balustrade Toowoomba - Design, Manufacture and Installation of High Quality Balustrade, Handrails and Fencing

At Balustrade Toowoomba we are committed to providing balustrading solutions that leave a lasting impression.

We provide a full range of customised balustrade including Stainless Steel, Glass, Wrought Iron, Aluminium and Steel. There is no need for you to coordinate multiple suppliers. We offer you the benefit of all your balustrade needs from one supplier.

Custom designs our specialty

Our uncompromising commitment to quality and appeal at competitive prices makes our balustrade the ideal complement to your projects. Custom work is our specialty and we excel at creating unique and personalised designs for our customers.

Our parts and service are of the highest quality with a wide range of materials and fittings available.

Creative combination of materials

Why be limited to a single style of balustrade? Let your creativity run wild... We can offer any combination of Stainless steel, Glass, Wrought Iron, Aluminium and Steel in the same project.


Balustrade Toowoomba offer a broad range of balustrading solutions to the commercial and domestic sectors. Our product range includes balustrading, handrails and fencing to diverse areas including decks, balconies, stairwells, pools, public access ways and estate boundaries.


Our quality designs include a broad range and combination of Stainless steel, Glass, Wrought Iron, Aluminium and Steel.


Balustrade Toowoomba pride ourselves on a reputation for commitment to excellence. With years of experience and expertise in design, fabrication and installation, you can be confident in our capacity to deliver a high quality product.

Our attention to detail and insistance on using only quality components means that the job is done once and done right. We only use quality component parts that are readily available and supported by manufacturer warranties.


Balustrade Toowoomba are able to supply and install balustrading in the darling downs and surrounding areas, based in Toowoomba, we are available to meet you to discuss your needs.

Capability and Size

Whether it is a repair to an existing installation, a new domestic or a major commercial project, Balustrade Toowoomba is able to provide the solution you are looking for.

With demonstrated capacity in commercial and domestic applications, Balustrade Toowoomba is able to meet the standard and deliverables you require.

Custom designs

Balustrade Toowoomba has a team that can accommodate your special project. No design is too complicated and our precision workmanship with Computer Aided Drafting capacities ensures a perfect fit of the custom design to your project.

Our team is experienced in handling the “tough jobs” which demand more than the simple fix.